Summer job is a dating sim game with rpg elements based on events and quests.
The hero of the "Summer Job" is Leon a man that decided to find a job in the summer time. Our hero will be able to interact with the resort's guests in different ways, he can seduce, corrupt and cheat them.
In the game there are four main areas, the resort, the beach, the wellness and fitness area and the village. In each area there will be specific locations like rooms, office, lobby, beach and pool bar, tennis, stores, cave, beach and much more.
During the game the hero will have to carry out the tasks to him assigned and earn the money to buy the necessary items to go ahead in the game or to buy the presents and new clothing for the girls.
In the resort Leon can interact with various girls / women each with the own personality. There will be from the sweet and ingenuous girl to the bad and wild girl. Leon can choose to change them, support them or exploit their weaknesses.
During the game the hero will unlock the events where he will have to choose the routes to follow. So he can be a sweet and good boy or a very asshole, but at any time he may decide to change his attitude and from a bad boy he can become a good boy, and vice-versa. Leon's future will be in your hands.

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