Katerina is the Prefect of the Ghost Deer House.

She is a brilliant and brave student, but often rebel and irascible!

She's very ambitious and strong, but her bad behaviour is a real risk in the school.


She has a twin brother, Vladimir, who is also a Ghost Deer's student in the academy.


She is very protective of her brother, who has a really different temper from her.



Gemma is one of the students of the Ghostly Deer House.


She’s a very gentle, unselfish and natural girl.


Unfortunately she’s not so good at her studies, and her outcome in the academy is always at risk...


Her Prefect, Katerina, always puts pressure on her, making it worst everyday.



Vladimir is one of the main students of the Ghostly Deer House.


He's a real clever and gentle boy, who always respect the rules and his duties in the academy.


He has a twin sister, Katerina, who definitely loves him.


He loves her too, but he's quite scared about her bad temper!



Corinne is one of the students of the Ghostly Deer House.


She could become a very powerful witch, but She’s actually wasting all her talent because often acts as a listless, opportunist and lazy girl…


This is the reason why other students dislikes her at all.



Bikilu is the Prefect of the Scavenger Blood House.


She guides her House with disunity, often favors her personal profit to the good of his faction.


She is a very sensual, strong and clever girl: she excels in many magical arts, with which she hopes to impress Vladimir of whom she is infatuated.



Eileen could be a good witches, if only She applied her in the study.


She is in rebel phase of her life, and often makes the wrong choice.


She’s living a particular moment in which has several doubts about her sexuality, and She’s often attracted by other girls of the academy.



Larry is one of the students of the Scavenger Blood House.


He is a very clever, accurate and diligent wizard.


Unfortunately He wishes to become the best student of the academy so much that He always goes to far with his ambition, and other young mages hate him.


Larry is expecially envious of the girls of the school, and often treats them very bad.



Ida is a kindharted girl, honest, good and sensitive.


Unfortunately, her abilities are not equal to those of the other students in the school.


As much as Ida applies and studies, she hardly ever gets good grades.


Teachers love her very much, but it is not easy to help her in this situation of perennial difficulty and embarrassment.


Francine is the Prefect of the Flying Kraken House.


She’s a very clever student, but too often goofy, forgetful and insecure!


She tries to accomplish her role at best, but her misfortune and insecurity involve her in very hard and troubleful situations.



Mbanga is one of the students of the House of the Flying Kraken.


He’s a brilliant student but other people dislike him because he tries to make jokes every time he can, often in inappropriate way.


He is an altruistic and courageous boy, always ready to help others, but struggling to find a place in the forefront of the school.



Deidra is a little witch with very high potential, but among those in the academy, she is currently the most immature.


Good dreamer and very creative, She often strays from everyday school reality to get lost in her rich imagination…


However this characteristic has been common to many other powerful magicians in the past, which is why the teachers expect great results from her.



Harrietta is a spontaneous, direct and sincere girl.


Anyone who comes to talk to her will receive excellent advice, but often also a hard attack or an offense, because half-truths or loose ends don’t exists for her…


She’s not the brightest little witch in the academy, compared to other students: She seems to be struggling to achieve acceptable results in school indeed!


But her strong and decisive temper could be her winning weapon!



Adelaide is the Prefect of the Marmoreal Lion House.


She is a real leader: She excels in every Academy’s subject, and wants her mates to excel too!


Anyway She is a spontaneus and proposeful girl, but often too arrogant!



Karissa, like all the students of the White House, always achieves excellent results in the studying.


She was initially destined to the Blue House, but she succeded in joining the Marmoreal Lion, inheriting  arrogance and often insolence from her current companions.


This uncertain origin, however, makes her an insecure and pessimistic girl, often a bully!



Jade is her Prefect Adelaide’s “right-hand man”.


She follows her as a shadow, often finding herself in trouble after committing arrogant actions to follow her will.


She dream to took Adelaide’s place as Prefect of the Marmoreal Lion, but she’s too insecure to challenge her leadership.


She’s a very talented student, but often too ambitious and pessimistic!



Xue is a very different girl compared to the others in the academy, expecially from her Marmoreal Lion companions.


She doesn’t show great interest in studying and grades, despite her great talent.


In addition to this she does not participate in bullying acts implemented by Adelaide and the others, to whom she seems to be repulsed.


She is often scolded by teachers for her lack of commitment and for her indifference to school results.