Gorath, the Lord of Corruption, succeeded in gathering a terrible army, in order to bring Obscure Magic on the planet again! The World Mage Council is actually a haunt of corrupt politicians. Ismael, the only one ready to fight both sides of Corruption, disappeared, and is now lost in an obscure dark place. Oracle asked to some witches and mages to fight, in order to defeat Koros, Grukko and the Corruption Army. To do so, Jade, Katerina and Deidra must face a lot of strange, bizzarre, spicy, hot and hard trials, claiming back three powerful magic objects to allow Ismael to come back from his limbo, to defeat Gorath and to bring serenity and peace again upon Llarenhall. In this first chapter of Spells & Potions player will lead the three witches during fantasy quests, facing a lot of events, following a typical role playing game's storyline, filled with hot erotic content.

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