Marmoreal Lion

This House has always been at the top of the various academies of Magic, with exceptional results. Mages of the World Council themselves come almost exclusively from the House of the Marmoreal Lion. This often makes its students very arrogant and vain, and hated and envied by those of the other houses. Their powers are great, as is their academic performance. Unfortunately, it is often creativity, passion or foolish that makes the difference in a great wizard, and the students of this house are hardly endowed with it.


Scavenger Blood

This house is strictly linked to fire and passion. Its students are choosen for the fire that flows in their veins and in their hearts. This makes them very strong, but even very unstable: It is not easy to manage the passion of their temper. For some of them this fire flows into enthusiasm, for others into strong emotions… Young students often struggle to manage their passion, that has a profound impact on their social relationships and on their educational performance.


Ghostly Deer

The students of this house are descendants of the ancient druids and forest warlocks. They are more able than others to grasp the magic power of nature to use it in their spells. To do this, however, they are obliged to take an oath of absolute respect for all living beings and the natural balance of the planet. For this reason only the right and wise are selected, and those who show great sensitivity to these issues.


Flying Kraken

The students of this house are strictly linked to ancient and powerful spells. They are often the descendants of the ancient sea’s wizards, or of the witches famous in the ancient times for their ability to summon and control mysterious creatures from far and unknown worlds. Their powers are very deep and severe, but it happens that often the most sensitive and delicate students are destined to this house (and very often unluckiest, bungler and goofy.

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