Captain's Log

In this game you'll take the role of a GALACTIC FEDERATION'S Officer who'll try to face (and solve...) several adversities, to let your career grows, reaching the Captain's mansion. 

You will face very critical missions, that will hardly test your skills and your judgment, by selecting up the last member of your crew!


During the game ethical choices will have a deep impact on your character, on other factions and on relations other characters will have with you, up to let you gain respect from your crew, from other races, planets and factions, save lives and whole populations, and much more...


We already created an early version of the first release and plots for the next releases. We will launch every single release as an independent TV series season. Each new season will restart from the moment in which the previous ended.


Select your Engineer Chief and Staff and plan with them efficiency and performance of your Starship, to improve your crew, your interstellar travels and your fighting potential (boosted shields to stop enemy's attacks... Increased radius SensorLights to avoid to be caught by surprise... And so on...).

  • Take hard decisions on how to face missions.

  • Use your bridge officiers' advices at their best.

  • Choose wisely between your crew and select  the most expert staff for their peculiar abilities and skills.

  • Visit and explore new unknown planets, trying to keep safe your partners and equipe.

  • Face new quests in the most distant and unexplored regions of the Galaxy to protect your faction and its colonies or to meet new and strange planets and populations.




1000 years ago, due to the invention of a new kind of engine, with the ability to bend space and time to let vehicles travel giant distances with a speed quicker than light's one!

Mankind meets new populations and races who come from every corner of the Galaxy.

The Galactic Federations borns, founded by some of this races, with the aim of scientific cooperation and social equality for every intelligent life forms, with the respect and preservation of the different cultures and faiths related to them. 

Shanrika Tonolehum, one of the board officer on your starship...

Unfortunately not all the populations met by explorers agreed and joined the Federation... 

Some of them was not deemed appropriate for their different ethical, folklore and behaviour. Some other were in a conflictual situation between themselves. Others were not available to join because they didn't like the idea, or because they were too conflictual, or hostile!!!...

Some informations about other factions...